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住宿方面,BONNA 选择的是比酒店性价比更高的方式,提供公寓和别墅以供大家选择,通常情况下,两对宝妈共享一间公寓,三对宝妈共享一间别墅,设施齐全,可以拎包入住。

With regard to the accommodation, BONNA Education selects the method with higher cost performance than hotel and provides the apartment and villa for family selection. In general condition, two pairs of mothers and children share one apartment, and three pairs of mothers and children share one villa. All of them have complete facilities and are fully furnished.


The environment is beautiful, and the public swimming pool is equipped for good swimming at any time. The community has excellent greening and brightening facilities, and is filled with the landscape.

出行方面,BONNA 提供中档轿车的孩子接送,以及每周一次的购物往返,完全可以满足日常出行要求。非常规服务期间,同样可以选择付费出行或者租车出行。同时也可以协助办理国际驾照,更加方便家长的个性化需要。

With regard to the travel, BONNA provides the middle-grade saloon car to pick up children and for the shopping trip once a week, which could completely meet the daily travel requirements. During unconventional service period, parents could also pay for travel or rent car. In the meantime, parents could assist in transaction of the international driving license for more convenience of their individual needs.

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